jeudi 22 novembre 2007

TV Journal # 5

I think that The O.C. is a good program to start watching television in English. This program helps me to understand new expressions and help me to understand a real conversation in English. I recommended this TV show to other students because it is very easy to understand. The story seems to be complicated but it is always clearly explicated. It’s easy to be related to the characters. I think I’m going to follow the series even if the project is over. I can’t wait to see more of the series!

jeudi 15 novembre 2007

From the point of view of Ryan

After the failure of the last night's dinner with her father, I tried to reconciliate Lindsay with Mr. Nichols. I organized a second dinner between them, with the help of Kirsten, but it turned bad. Mr. Nichols doesn't like me and he thinks that I have a bad influence on Lindsay. He began to insult me during the dinner and we wanted to fight. At this moment, Mr. Nichols fell down because of a heath attack. The doctor said that he was going to be alright but Lindsay thought that it was better for her father if we stopped to see each other for a little time.

jeudi 4 octobre 2007

TV journal, week 4

When he was young, Seth Cohen, Ryan’s friend, invented a new holiday named Chrismukkah (Christmas and Hanukkah). For another year, Seth expected his family and his friends to participated in his party. But the party turned out badly when Caleb, Seth’s grandfather, announced to Lindsay, Ryan’s girlfriend, that he was her father. Caleb was trying to explain the situation to all of his family when Kirsten, his daughter, threw him a vase and told him to leave home. Lindsay was sad. Ryan, Seth, Summer and Marissa wanted to welcome her in the family. They organized another Chrimukkah party just for her.

jeudi 13 septembre 2007

TV journal, week 2

I decided to write about the second season of the OC. The story takes place at Newport Beach, in Orange County, California. It’s about the story of Ryan Attwood, a young delinquent who, after many adventures was adopted by his lawyer. But even if he lives with a rich and happy family, his life is not always simple.

I chose this program because I think it’s easy to identify ourselves with the characters. They are very rich, but they are also teenagers like us. I hope that this TV show teaches me other words to enrich my English vocabulary.